• Nuts & Berries

    Nuts & Berries (12)

    Nuts & Berries' crunchy nut bars. Top quality under organic label, with delicious combinations of great nuts, seeds, dried fruit, spices or real Belgian chocolate... You can see how incredible they look, but wait until you taste them!
  • Bio d’Or jam with agave

    Bio d’Or jam with agave (18)

    When making our Bio d'Or jams, we always start from whole fruit. Fruit that we grow organically ourselves on our fruit plantations for most of the range. We choose from our plantation those varieties that produce the best jams when processed. We sweeten our Bio d'Or jams with agave syrup, using only the highest quality that is naturally rich in natural fruit sugars. Processing we do on the farm itself. Artisanal, making Bio d'Or jams culinary top products that stand out for their high fruit content and delicious, creamy texture. - Contains 30% fewer calories than a comparable jam sweetened with sugar. - Low Glycemic Index. - Based on pure fruit
  • Bio d’Or coulis

    Bio d’Or coulis (4)

    A tasty fruit coulis or fruit sauce can work wonders on a ball of vanilla ice cream. But these flavourful preparations from organic fruit also lend themselves perfectly to adding flavour and colour to a white natural yoghurt, for example. After all, fruit and dairy go brilliantly together. At Bio d'Or, we make these fruit preparations with organic fruit from our own orchard. We do not use sugar from sugar beet or sugar cane, but sweeten only with organic agave syrup.
  • Bio d’Or fruit spread – 100% fruit

    Bio d’Or fruit spread – 100% fruit (8)

    The basis of the Bio d'Or fruit spread is organic fruit, most of which we grow ourselves at our fruit plantation. There we choose the best varieties to process, and make sure we only pick ripe fruit full of flavour. We process this fruit artisanally on the farm itself. For sweetening, we use only apple juice. The sugar content (with all sugars coming exclusively from the fruit itself!) is very low, varying between 27 and 32 grams per 100 grams, which is on average half of what a classic jam contains in sugars (50 to 60 grams per 100 grams). In terms of taste and texture too, Bio d'Or fruit spread is a top culinary product that stands out not only for its extremely high fruit content but also for its delicious, creamy texture. The spread is made from pure fruit and not based on industrial purees or fruit concentrates. - Contains 30% fewer calories than a comparable jam sweetened with sugar. - 100% fruit
  • Bio d’Or fruit- & vegetable juice – 100% pure pressed juice

    Bio d’Or fruit- & vegetable juice – 100% pure pressed juice (21)

    Bio d'Or fruit juices are unique because they are made from organic berries that we grow ourselves in our berry orchards and Belgian organic apples. Immediately after pressing the pure fruit, the juice is bottled on the farm itself. The juice is pasteurised only once and very briefly to preserve a maximum of healthy ingredients. The juices are unfiltered and may show naturally cloudy sediment. These are valuable fibres that have not been removed from the juice, and can safely be drunk with it after shaking.
  • Bio d’Or fruit & tea

    Bio d’Or fruit & tea (4)

    Bio d'Or tea drinks are wonderfully refreshing on hot summer days or a full-fledged alternative as an alcohol-free aperitif. We combine the healthy properties of tea: antioxidants, hydrating, with the juice of our own organically grown fruit. The basis of our drinks is tea, black, white or green tea, drawn for several minutes from whole tea leaves. We supplement this fresh tea with the juice of our delicious organic small fruits, white berries, raspberries or a combination of blueberries, blackcurrants and blackberries in our forest fruit tea. To further refine the flavour, we added the juice of ginger or elderflower extract. A fine touch of fresh peppermint makes the forest fruit tea a delicious drink, served cool you can taste the pure flavours. While still warm, the tea is briefly pasteurised, bottled. The tea may show a natural sediment from the fruit juice. The bottles are best served chilled and shaken before use.
  • Bio d’Or jellies with agave

    Bio d’Or jellies with agave (6)

    Jelly is made from juice. At least with Bio d'Or jellies, where we always start from freshly squeezed juice from whole fruits. Our fruit is 100% organic and grown by ourselves in our own berry orchard. During the artisanal preparation on our farm, we take care not to make a hard, elastic jelly, but to obtain a nice, soft and creamy structure, which makes our jelly deliciously soft on the tongue. We use only pure agave syrup rich in natural fruit sugars. - Contains 30% fewer calories than a comparable jelly sweetened with sugar. - Low Glycaemic Index. - Made from pure fruit juice
  • Bio d’Or marmelades with agave

    Bio d’Or marmelades with agave (3)

    Bio d'Or has a tradition of jams that stand out as top culinary products due to their high fruit content and delicious, creamy texture. In our marmalades, too, the difference lies in this specific taste sensation and quality. Marmalades are prepared from citrus fruits, and as an exception to the rule are therefore not home-grown. But of course, the fruits are equally sourced from certified organic cultivation. Artisanal preparation does not use beet or cane sugar, but is sweetened with agave syrup. - Contains 30% fewer calories than a comparable jam sweetened with sugar. - Low Glycaemic Index.
  • Bio d’Or pure juice

    Bio d’Or pure juice (10)

    Pure juices pressed 100% from fruits chosen for their unique health properties. These juices are not mixed with apple juice but remain pure. Those who use primal juice for health reasons naturally avoid pesticide residues. The choice for organic is therefore self-evident. A choice that Bio d'Or puts into practice every day.
  • Bio d'Or syrups

    Bio d'Or syrups (3)

    Artisanal syrups made with organic fruit or herbs and sweetened with agave. Deliciously refreshing with sparkling water, a slice of lemon or lime and some mint. Equally well, the syrups can be used for a kir or a kir royale!
  • Bio d’Or Smoothies

    Bio d’Or Smoothies (12)

    Bio d'Or Smoothies Smoothies are delicious and healthy, they are ideal for breakfast or as a snack. It gives you extra energy to get through the day. Bio d'Or smoothies are packed with fruit, nothing else. They are a blend of fruit juice and puree, exclusively of organic origin, source of vitamins and fibre. At Bio d'Or, we know better than anyone else the good health properties of fresh fruit and berries. To enjoy those delicious flavours outside the summer season too, we developed a new range of smoothies. We have thought of everyone. For those who love our dark berries, we developed the forest fruit smoothie 'dark energy', based on raspberries, blackberries, blackcurrants.... For those who love the beneficial, healthy effects of our blueberries, we developed the smoothie 'blue antioxydants'. For red fruit lovers, we have our smoothie 'red power', with raspberries, redcurrants and strawberries. We incorporated the green vitamins of kiwi berries in our smoothie 'green vitamins'. If you like it more exotic, you should choose our smoothie 'orange vitality', with orange. Finally, we made another smoothie with pear and ginger, this time without banana, our 'golden ginger'.
  • Bio d’Or sweeteners

    Bio d’Or sweeteners (6)

    Bio d'or offers alternatives to beet and cane sugar, each with their specific composition.