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Valentine’s Day …

That counts for everyone you love.
Whether that’s for the love of your life, your parents or your best friend…you do you.
Don’t participate in it, also totally ok 😊

Although we also often say that you should make every day Valentine’s Day, I also like to do something special.
Since the kids are here, it is often something together with them. Today we tried a Valentine’s dessert.
A classic with a twist.
With these hearts of cookie cake with jam and sprinkles you will conquer everyone’s ❤️.

27 petit-beurre cookies – 1 cup lukewarm milk – 4 tbsp cream butter – 2 tbsp flour sugar – 2 tbsp raspberry jelly Bio d’Or – sprinkles

How to make it:
Mix the cream butter with the powdered sugar in a jar. Take a large flat plate, dip 9 cookies very briefly in the lukewarm milk and arrange them side by side as a base on the plate (3 × 3).
Spread a fine layer of jelly over the cookies, followed by a layer of buttercream. Repeat with 2 more layers of each.
Place the plate in the refrigerator for several hours until you have a firm cake. You can finish it like this with sprinkles and jam but we stuck out hearts with cookie cutters. Sprinkles on top and finish with a small round of jelly in the center.

Success guaranteed with this and super fun to make with your kids as a Valentine’s Day dessert! 🤩

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🍹 Tournée Minerale 🍹

Only soft drinks or water during tour mineral!? Create something unique and make a mocktail!
🤩 Try an apple- elderflower mocktail.
Not only does it look attractive, it is immensely delicious and easy to prepare.


  • 2 limes (Bio)
  • ½ lemon (organic)
  • 100 ml elderflower syrup from Bio d’Or
  • 100 ml cloudy apple juice from Bio d’Or
  • 500 ml sparkling water

Bring all ingredients together in a jug. Pour into ice-filled glasses. Top with a slice of lemon or lime. Enjoy! 😋

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You can always wake me up for this….
Delicious creamy Greek yoghurt, a fruit and crunchy granola. Love it!
Not only for breakfast by the way but also the perfect snack.

In the summer months I always have fresh red fruit at home but in winter I find this coulis by @bio_dor a delicious alternative to give a yoghurt bowl a fruity touch with a nod to summer.
And…I always have it in stock because the glass bottles have a very long shelf life. So no worries if there is no fresh fruit in the house.

Besides this yoghurt bowl, the coulis are also perfect for mocktails, desserts, ice creams…
By the way, did you know that most of the fruits for the @bio_dor products are grown locally and are also organic?

Which flavour would you choose…raspberry, strawberry, forest fruit or blueberry? Or do you just do like me and like to alternate?

Happy Tuesday 😘

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Sunday…that’s having a nice breakfast together. With a little something extra of course!
In any case an egg but besides coffee often a nice juice or like today a smoothie.
Sometimes I make them myself but I always have the smoothies from @bio_dor. Because be honest…some Sunday mornings you just don’t want a lot of work 😊
The kids are big fans too so glad they get some extra vitamins this way too. Just swipe for Madeleine’s cute eyes 🥰🍊

The smoothies come in handy 25 cl glass bottles but also in large 1 l bottles.
The big plus for me is that they do not have to be stored in the fridge (always short of space anyway lol there) but can just be in the pantry.
Also very convenient is that the glass bottles have a very long shelf life. So you can stock up on them, with lots of different flavors to vary to your heart’s content.
Today we chose the ORANGE VITALITY, with fruit and nothing else: orange, apple, banana and mango (all organic by the way) But also the GOLDEN GINGER, RED POWER, BLUE ANTIOXIDANT, DARK ENERGY,… are delicious flavors.

Enjoy your Sunday 😘

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Sweet stars


Because I can personally appreciate a snack with the sweet/savoury combo….

Cheese with jam…I think it’s a match made in heaven. Ever since I was little, I’ve been eating one thing and another. So a cheese board without jam, for example, is a no go for me!

Why wait with cheese until after dinner when you can also make a snack with it?
So these gingerbread stars with cambozola and plum jam are totally my thing.
For the gingerbread stars, you choose for yourself: a minute in the toaster or oven to make them crispy or just like that.
For the cheese: I chose cambozola now because I wanted a fairly accessible mould cheese.

The jam on top is @bio_dor’s plum jam This is made from whole fruits. most of which they grow organically themselves on the fruit plantations and is sweetened with with agave syrup using only the highest quality naturally rich in natural fruit sugars.

What do you guys think of this snack? Something for you, this mould cheese? If you’re not a fan of that at all, replace it with a piece of brie or camembert. Also very tasty! Are you fans of the cheese~confection combo?

⭐️Zerowaste tip: don’t throw away leftover gingerbread, but freeze it, e.g. to put in your stew, use in a bread pudding or make gingerbread croutons for in your yoghurt at breakfast.